Risk Wizard


An effective Enterprise Risk Management process requires the right technology platform that can assist in highlighting risks but also assist in bringing out their interdependent nature.

To complement its Enterprise Risk Management work, Senator Risk Management NZ has partnered with Risk Wizard, a leading supplier of governance, risk and compliance software solutions.

Risk Wizard provides organisations with a centralised information system that replicates customer frameworks and work processes enabling risk, control and incident-related data to be easily logged, managed and dealt with. The system is web-browser based, easy to use and highly scalable.

The Risk Wizard software suite includes three modules that help organisations manage their business risks, strengthen their compliance processes and reduce incidents:



Screen Shot 2016 02 08 at 5.18.38 AM 2


Enterprise-wide and board level
Strategic, operational, compliance
Workplace and HSE Controllable and uncontrollable 
Division, unit, key person level Industry, project, location specific Transaction, system, people based


Flexible risk framework 
Action and control planners 
Dashboards and heat maps
Email notification system Filters, charts, reports, exporting
Links to other modules
Attachment and note facility


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Contract management
Licences and other renewals
Submissions, returns, payments
Audits, checks, inspections
Appraisals and certifications
Project milestones
Internal deadlines


Flexible compliance framework
Compliance task schedulers
Interactive compliance calendars
Email task reminders/ escalation
Filters, charts, reports, exporting
Linkages to other modules
Attachments, notes, change log


Screen Shot 2016 02 08 at 4.19.18 AM 2

Near-misses and hazards
Compliance and security breaches
Injuries, accidents, complaints
Frauds and loss events
Theft, break-ins, property damage
Contract and licence breaches
Outages, delays, failures
Flexible incident framework
Incident survey builder tool


Q&A templates and libraries
Remedial action/control planners
Dashboards and calendars
Email notification system
Attachments, notes, change logs




For further information on how Risk Wizard software can assist your business email us on riskwizard@senator-risk.com